July 31, 2014



Oh my god, have you ever watched this woman draw!?


It sends tingles up my spine.


hell yeah, I love the detail Kaoru puts in little things and the time she spends on the clothing and houses. It blows me away how good everything looks in her works, she’s one of my favorite mangakas.

This is so awesome, looklooklook.

e: link to the full 6 video playlist

Omg Sqwook look at her goooooo


July 29, 2014

aninspiredemotion said: Eid Mubarak to you! (belated!)

Thank yooooou~ this year’s Eid was relaxing and fun =D

June 18, 2014

aninspiredemotion said: I love it!!!

I get to fistbump the Batman whoo hoo!

aninspiredemotion said: Nice! (It’s not in my town yet, soon…!)

Let me know when you do so we can discuss the spoilery awesomeness!!

May 25, 2014

aninspiredemotion said: Aaaa sweet, apartment is getting closer! Is the building itself in construction, and that’s why it is taking long? How long do you think it will take? when you say year-end, do you mean Dec 2014 or something different? “Fortress of Solitude” XD <3

Ikr?? And yeah, the building is under construction, and the thing is here if you want to buy an apartment cheap you have to buy during construction. My sister bought her apartment while in construction for RM350k and by the time she moved in it’s estimated to worth RM500k O_o But property prices shoot up so quickly at the place I’m buying mine, so I have to grab it quickly.

The plan is the building is supposed to finish construction around August 2014 but eh, I think it’ll probably finish end of this year or early next year, and I’ll get to move in in the middle of the year. But that’s fine since I get to save up more for the furniture and kitchen! I’m gonna have a small, 1 stove electric kitchen and the whole of my left wall will be bookshelves, bookshelves and bookshelves! No tv because why waste electricity when I can just turn on the radio on my phone and just read? There will be one single bed, one couch, a beanbag chair for me reading needs and everything will be in classy black-and-white design omg I just can’t wait!

Guests have to bring their own food though because I may not be able to afford food properly for the first 5 years and have to raid my family house for food (that’s why I chose a 15-minutes-away apartment haha), at least until I get enough increments in my salary to afford it.

What this has gotten too long I did NOT intend to turn this into an essay, sorry Sqwook >_<

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May 23, 2014

Sqwook tagged me for this, sorry for the late reply!

1. What is your favorite season, and why?

Oh my, we don’t have seasons here, it’s hot and humid all year round. But I prefer the wet season (so long as it doesn’t flood), the rain is very refreshing. But breezy, overcast days are the best for walking so that’s my fave.

2. What are you excited about lately?

MY NEW APARTMENT!! Still in construction but OMG MY APARTMENT! MY CRIB! MY FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE!! Also work, believe it or not.

3. Do you have favorite summer-time foods? What are they?

Ah, teh tarik ais on a damn hot day. So refreshing. Also nasi ayam.

4. Do you collect anything? What?

BOOKS! Dear god don’t even get me started…

5. What was the last book you really enjoyed?

I just read Good Omens and currently reading Night Watch and man Terry is the best. The latest one has to be The Milk of Birds by Sylvia Whitman. So painful to read but so, so good.

6. Do you wear jewelry? What, and when?

My coming of age gift from my aunts, my golden key necklace. I wear it all the time except when I’m sleeping and I treasure it so much.

7. What is a quote that means a lot to you right now?

Always face what you fear. Have just enough money, never too much, and some string. Even if it’s not your fault it’s your responsibility. Witches deal with things. Never stand between two mirrors. Never cackle. Do what you must do. Never lie, but you don’t always have to be honest. Never wish. Especially don’t wish upon a star, which is astronomically stupid. Open your eyes, and then open your eyes again.
— Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

8. Do you think you’ll live in the same town you live now 3 years from now? If not, what will prompt you to move?

Yes. My apartment is literally 15 minutes away from my family house.

9. What was one beautiful thing you saw today?

Everything at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman today. The sights, the smells, it’s so quintessentially KL. 

10. What is your earliest memory?  

Crying at kindergarten. I wasn’t the most cheery child.

11. What did you wish there’d be a question about, because you wanted to talk about it? 

My goddamn apartment. I know it won’t be ready until the end of this year or maybe next but I hate it when people brush me off when I talk about what I want to buy, how I’m saving money for it, etc. It’s my apartment, it’s a BIG DEAL, I want to TALK about it. Also books. Specifically Discworld books.

April 30, 2014

@aninspiredemotion said: Yes yes yes and tell us when you get to ‘Wee Free Men’ &etc because asldfkjsdf:)<3

Yesss Sqwook and I COMPLETELY AGREE that Tiffany Aching is the best thing that ever graced the printed pages!! You’ll love her Nan, she would not look out of place among other Ghibli heroines <3

March 24, 2014

aninspiredemotion said:eeeeeee go you on your amazing event!

goldenslumbr said: you hosted an author event! awesooome! congrats!

I knoooooooow right?? =DDDDD It was so much fun! Lauren Oliver said she really loved my questions and she was such a delight to interview <3

August 11, 2013

aninspiredemotion replied to your photoset: My first day of Eid can be summarized in the…

Haha, but you are the warrior-bookseller delivering books to the populace, despite any goofiness around you. (blessed Eid & glad it was a great one!)
Omg I want so badly to change my tumblr name to warrior-bookseller! I am SO gonna appropriate that name for myself AND NO ONE SHALL HAVE IT YOU’RE THE BEST SQWOOK <3 <3 <3

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July 29, 2013

So the always lovely Sqwook tagged me for her “5 Facts About Yourself” meme, so here it is (I tried to minimize book-related facts because I can list like, 50 book-related facts about myself lbr)

1. I love staring into space when I’m stressed or overwhelmed, to remind myself that my burdens are tiny and inconsequential against the vastness of space and time.

2. I love the rain. Yes, sunny days are nice but rain makes me feel so alive.

3. Some days I feel so free and high like a kite and some days I feel so unbelievably down it scares me. Which leads to fact—

4. Books ground me. They keep me sane and calm and words, glorious words relax my brain while making it run in circles at the same time. I owe books so much but I’m afraid people around me don’t understand why I need books all the time.

5. For all my bravado I’m a timid soul. I can be a lioness when I’m sure of my place and my knowledge, but I’m a mouse when faced with new people and new environment.

Tagging my friends on tumblr! You know who you are ;)

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October 22, 2012